[June 08, 2024] - Magic the Gathering: Prerelease Event for Modern Horizons 3

[June 08, 2024] - Magic the Gathering: Prerelease Event for Modern Horizons 3

Modern Horizons 3 promises to bring a host of powerful new cards and thrilling reprints that will make a splash in one of Magic’s most celebrated formats. It’s a chance for you players to upgrade your favorite decks and tap into the game's rich history. For players of all stripes, you’ll find cards that stand the test of time. The entry fee will include: The prerelease kit AND two participation boosters while supplies last. We are running a casual event and players are encouraged to sit and play, help new players, and have a good time. Additionally players will receive bonus promos for playing games.


Format - Sealed Deck/Casual
Set - Modern Horizons 3

Start Time
02:00 PM

Store Capacity

$65.00 USD (Includes: Pre-Release Kit + 2 Additional MH3 Booster Packs!)


What is a prerelease kit?

While there are many things in here, like a spindown life counter (D20) for tracking your life total and a fun little insert with some information and tips, the most important are these six Play Boosters:

Modern Horizons 3 Play Boosters

Open them all and check out your new stack of cards. There will also be a foil-stamped rare or mythic rare card inside that you can play—make sure to pull that one out.


Sealed deck format details can be found here:


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