Back Issue Comic Book Grading Policy

Grading & Pricing policy for all back issue comics.

As a business, Coffee Cat Comics wants to ensure transparency with how we itemize and catalog our back issue comics. We do not consider any type of numbered grading scale or grade when we determine a comic's condition. We trust our internal team to use the following discretion when setting the "condition" option of a comic book as presented on the website. With this being the case we do not guarantee that a comic book purchased from us will be certified by another third party as a certain number grade or condition.

A brand new comic that we were able to get from distributors and our partners (Even from a distributor they can have very minor defects).

The covers appear new as if just printed but account for any variances in paper stock, printing errors, binding or even employee handling. With the discretion of our team this can and may include minor spine stress, nicks and ticks on the edges, and other minor allowances. 

Close to new and near pristine

The comic's cover is still shiny and smooth and there are a certain number of minor imperfections like small dents and dings. These imperfections and wear are mostly confined to the edges of a comic book, away from the central image. Creases and/or folds should not be present within the comic pages or cover. The color is consistent and even, with the comic having very minimal fading.

An average condition of most back issues

Pages are reasonably close to the color when the comic was originally printed, the cover should have the gloss and colors in tact with minimal fading. The spine should have the subtlest of spine rolls or corner creases with minor blemishes, dings, dents, and other impact/usage disfigurements. Overall, signs of wear should be minimal on the area of the central image of the book’s cover. Creases, dents, and imprints of materials added to the inside of the comic (trading cards, etc.) may be present.

Age and handling has taken a toll on this one, showing relative wear and tear.

The result of handling and storing a comic has its downsides and they can be seen when reviewing the cover of this comic with dings n' dents, slight loss of shine or color is possible. The spine may be slightly rolled, usually due to storing many comics together. Minor creases and corner folds are possible, edges of cover show some wear. There may be an uncertified creator signature present with no COA. Interior pages intact, with reasonable amount of discoloration from age or exposure.

A reader’s copy

The cover should be intact, but may be folded, feature tears, creases, wrinkles, and peripheral pen/pencil marks. Comics have a partial cover remaining or that are missing the cover entirely, but are really rare may also fall into this category. Some may include a puncture or hole that does not affect the central image or interior of the book. The spine may be detached from one staple. Minor water damage may be present in/on the book; pages can be naturally discolored, but largely intact. Nothing about the condition should affect the readability of the book. This is something that can be read and not expected to be collected, although comics older than 50 years may be an exception.