Cojacaru ... WHAT?

Cojacaru ... WHAT?

"Cojacaru The Skinner"


Cojacaru The Skinner



 Writer Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden
Art by

Peter Bergting

Colors by

Michelle Madsen

Letters by

Clem Robins

Cover and Variant by

Peter Bergting


What do witches, revenants, and WWII all have in common? I really don't know, but putting them all in one place we end up with another great story from Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. 

I haven't always been into the occult, but the supernatural has kept my interest with tv shows and novels from time to time. With a brand new universe opening up I feel like this is a great time to jump into this new comic book series. This is the first installment of what is to come with Cojacaru the Skinner and the first in the "Tales from the Outerverse" collection. 

I found it interesting right away, the first page puts you right into the middle of a story that is currently under a lot of duress. A hero, or at least what appears to be a hero, is caught out in the middle of Poland with nowhere to run as a band of witches is coming for his head. The story is rich and told from the perspective of a General Gareau who is behind enemy lines trying to get important information back to his allies. The story is told from the perspective of his journal/notes, as if you the reader have stumbled onto a curious piece of obscure history. It brings to life a bygone era of what was once the battlefield of World War II, with a different twist. We learn who this Cojacaru character is, but only by a glimpse, leaving the reader wanting more.

I look forward to reading the next mini series "The Golem Walks Among Us", this other mini-series will be introducing the readers to another character from this new "Outerverse". There appears to be more to this series than the comic books let on. I will be hunting down the books that lead up to this series and exploring the universe some more. If you would like to continue the conversation, please leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Discord!

As always, thank you for reading and joining us on our comic book journey.

Written by:
Vicente Gonzalez
Published on: 10/28/2021
All rights reserved

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