Collection: Quested (2023 Massive)

Rising star at Marvel (Spider-Man 2099) and DC Comics, Kim Jacinto, returns to the world of Quested for another iconic launch cover for Volume 2.

The misadventures continue in a brand new season of Quested by writers Michael Calero (Alpha Betas, Sumerian's American Psycho) and Thomas Parson, with art by Kit Wallis (Good Boy, Mr.Easta).

"Episode 1: Lothar's Inferno."

All hell breaks loose in the land of Faerbraun as Jinx embarks on an epic journey through the Underbraun with an unlikely companion. Pursued by his former right hand man Hamo, it's a race against time as Jinx attempts to save his father, the mythic hero Lothar. While the two comrades face off in the land of the dead, only Lithia remains to defend Faerbraun from the dire effects of opening the door to the underworld.
Quested (2023 Massive)

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