Collection: Quested - The Four Henches (2023 Massive)

Celebrate the continuing adventures of Jinx and friends as series artist Kit Wallis returns with this legendary cover design.

In "The Four Henches Adventure," the first one shot from the fan-favorite series Quested, creators Michael Calero and Thomas Parson explore the origin of an epic friendship...

The Henchler: When Jinx realizes he needs some outside muscle to help steal a high end collectible that's eluded him for years, he puts out an open call across Faerbraun in search of the next top Hench! This One-Shot issue takes us back to the origin story of the greatest bromance in all of fantasy (no not Sam and Frodo), When Hamo enters the competition it's Hench-at-first-site.
Quested - The Four Henches (2023 Massive)

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